Node.jsĀ® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
javascript engine runtime
npm, Inc. is a company founded in 2014, and was acquired by GitHub in 2020. npm is a critical part of the JavaScript community and helps support one of the largest developer ecosystems in the world. npm is the package manager for Node.js. It was created in 2009 as an open source project to help JavaScript developers easily share packaged modules of code. The npm Registry is a public collection of packages of open-source code for Node.js, front-end web apps, mobile apps, robots, routers, and countless other needs of the JavaScript community. npm is the command line client that allows developers to install and publish those packages.
A boilerplate/starter project for quickly building RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose. By running a single command, you will get a production-ready Node.js app installed and fully configured on your machine. The app comes with many built-in features, such as authentication using JWT, request validation, unit and integration tests, continuous integration, docker support, API documentation, pagination, etc. For more details, check the features list below.
Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with JavaScript and CSS
javascript desktop native cross-platform
A fast Node.js microservices engine for running cloud functions with low latency. Admin dashboard included.
nodejs microservices