Category: Designing

Category: Logo

Description: Logofav is a logo inspiration directory featuring our favorite hand picked logos from companies we love.

Category: Colors

Description: Atmos gives you the tools to create professional color palettes. Built with UI designers in mind.

Tags: free icon svg

Description: A lot of icons that are free for any personal and commercial use and available as .svg and .png.

Category: UI/UX Design

Description: Bite-sized hints and cheat sheets about UX Product Design. Stay on top of your design process with the bite-sized hints and cheat sheets about UX Product Design.

Description: A website with over 150,000 open source vector icons from all popular icon sets.

Category: UI/UX Design
Tags: ux

Description: Handcrafted recipes to get you started with everything UX — user research, design, usability testing, and more.

Description: A free customizable collection of SVG skeleton loader UI elements for design wireframes & mockups.

Category: UI Kit

Description: A library of animations, sliders, tool tips, accordions, modals, and more for Alpine and Tailwind UI.

Category: UI/UX Design
Tags: ux learning

Description: Practical lessons, resources, and news for the UX/UI community. Lessons and resources from two full-time product designers.

Category: Patterns

Description: A curated gallery of patterns, textures and visuals by awesome designers and illustrators

Description: A tiny JS library that generates custom, SVG-based avatars from any username and color palette.

Category: Icon Packs
Tags: icon

Description: Beautiful & consistent icon toolkit made by the community. Open-source project and a fork of Feather Icons.

Category: Themes & Templates

Description: We create high-quality free HTML CSS website templates for your next projects.

Category: Design Inspiration

Description: Design Vault is a curated library of screenshots & UI interaction patterns from the world's best digital products. Gain insights, explore trends and understand competitors and best practices.

Category: Patterns Generators

Description: A simple online pattern generator to create repeatable SVG patterns. Perfect for website backgrounds, apparel, branding, packaging design and more.

Category: Avatars

Description: Combine expressions, clothing, hair styles and colors into billions of different unique characters.


Category: Infographics

Description: Create and collaborate on infographics, reports, posters, presentations, and flyers easily with absolutely no design experience. Try Piktochart for free!

Category: Infographics

Description: Infogram is an easy to use infographic and chart maker. Create and share beautiful infographics, online reports, and interactive maps. Make your own here.

Category: Icon Packs

Description: Pictogram icons. SVG and PNG downloads. Get free icons or unlimited royalty-free icons with NounPro.

Category: Infographics

Description: Infographics or Information graphics and also graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge aims to present complex information as quick and as clear as possible. They can improve cognition and better understanding by utilizing graphic settings to enhance the human visual system ability to see and understand better the patterns and trends.

Data visualization is the study of the visual representation of data, meaning “all those information sets that has been generalized in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information” which can be easily understood.

Creativity refers to the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, etc.) that has a value. “New” may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs. “Valuable”, similarly, may be defined as a variety of methods.

The purpose of this website is to focus and concentrate on creativity and innovation in displaying data and information! These are Photo Infographics (based on photo)