Category: JavaScript

Category: ReactJS

Description: React/JS library to build conversational AI interfaces.

Category: ReactJS
Tags: reactjs table

Description: Quickly create React data tables with Mantine.

Category: ReactJS

Description: Write React components using CSS only.

Tags: library type

Description: Typed.js is a library that types. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you've set, backspace what it's typed, and begin a new sentence for however many strings you've set.


Description: The JavaScript Oxidation Compiler. A collection of JavaScript tools written in Rust.

Category: ReactJS

Description: Draft UI is a collection of simply designed React components focused on making web accessibility as easy as copy & paste.

Description: A fast, flexible, and small SEO-friendly lazy loader.

Description: A lazy-loading progressive image similar to those seen on Facebook and Medium.

Description: Highly performant, light ~1kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for responsive images, iframes and more.

Description: VanJS (abbreviated Vanilla JavaScript) is an ultra-lightweight, zero-dependency, and unopinionated Reactive UI framework based on pure vanilla JavaScript and DOM.

Description: BoxSlider is a small library with zero dependencies that provides a light-weight, responsive content slider with various slide transition effects for modern browsers.


Category: Node.js

Description: SVGO, short for SVG Optimizer, is a Node.js library and command-line application for optimizing SVG files.
SVG files, especially those exported from vector editors, usually contain a lot of redundant information. This includes editor metadata, comments, hidden elements, default or suboptimal values, and other stuff that can be safely removed or converted without impacting rendering.

Category: ReactJS

Description: An Airtable-like | React component to create beautiful spreadsheets.

Category: JS Utilities

Description: EasyCaptchaJS is a lightweight and user-friendly jQuery/JS library that simplifies the integration of Google reCAPTCHA API into web pages. With EasyCaptchaJS, developers can effortlessly add the security and anti-bot protection of reCAPTCHA to their web applications, enhancing their overall security and user experience.

Category: VueJS

Description: A tool to help you analyze and optimize your Vue.js component code.

Category: ReactJS
Tags: react

Description: Build exceptional React apps with blazing speed.

Category: JS Popup

Description: A responsive, highly customizable and accessible replacement for Java Scripts popup boxes.

Category: ReactJS

Description: An experimental autonomous agent that uses the GPT-4 language model to generate and compose React components.

Category: ReactJS

Description: An opinionated toast component for React.

Description: Plotteus is an open-source JavaScript data visualization library designed to help you tell better stories.