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Category: Uncategorized

Description: Web GUI for youtube-dl (using the yt-dlp fork) with playlist support. Allows you to download videos from YouTube and dozens of other sites.

Category: JavaScript

Description: VTable is not just a high-performance multidimensional data analysis table, but also a grid artist that creates art between rows and columns.

Description: Run C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash and more online without downloading anything.

Category: Design Softwares
Tags: svg optimize

Description: SVG Viewer is an online tool to view, edit and optimize SVGs.

Category: CSS
Tags: css library

Description: matcha.css is a pure CSS library designed to style HTML elements similarly to a default browser stylesheet, eliminating the need for users to manually patch their documents.
Ideal for fast prototyping, static HTML pages, Markdown-generated documents, and developers seeking to streamline their workflow without delving into CSS intricacies and want to make use of the full range of available HTML elements.

Category: JavaScript

Description: Elegant dependency injection container for vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript

Category: VueJS

Description: Vue Fluid DnD is a fluid and smooth drag and drop solution for lists on Vue3 full animated.

Category: Converter
Tags: svg converter

Description: A simple tool to convert an SVG into different formats, ready for use in CSS and HTML.

Category: VueJS
Tags: vuejs firebase

Description: Vuefire is a small and pragmatic solution to create realtime bindings between a Firebase RTDB or a Firebase Cloud Firestore and your Vue application. Making it straightforward to always keep your local data in sync with remote databases.

Category: VueJS

Description: vue-metamorph is a codemod framework for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue files. It provides a way to reliably make large-scale changes to a codebase by manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees.

Category: JS Frameworks

Description: Hono - [炎] means flame🔥 in Japanese - is a small, simple, and ultrafast web framework for the Edges. It works on any JavaScript runtime: Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute, Deno, Bun, Vercel, Netlify, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, and Node.js.

Description: Write and run code with instant live feedback.

Category: Documentation AI

Description: Automatically generated documentation for any repo.

Description: Chai Builder is an Open Source Low Code React + Tailwind CSS Landing Page Builder. Its a simple React component which can be integrated into any React based framework.

Category: ReactJS

Description: The Productive React Framework.
Quickly build high performance, efficient, full-stack apps on the web.

Category: Logo

Description: Logofav is a logo inspiration directory featuring our favorite hand picked logos from companies we love.

Category: ReactJS

Description: React/JS library to build conversational AI interfaces.

Category: ReactJS
Tags: reactjs table

Description: Quickly create React data tables with Mantine.

Category: ReactJS

Description: Write React components using CSS only.

Tags: library type

Description: Typed.js is a library that types. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you've set, backspace what it's typed, and begin a new sentence for however many strings you've set.