A free, open-source, and powerful resume builder to create a professional resumes easily.
resume open source builder
A free customizable collection of SVG skeleton loader UI elements for design wireframes & mockups.
svg skeleton elements wireframe mockup loader
A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript library to drive user's focus across the page. Product tours, highlights, contextual help and more.
product tours tour help highlights library
Handcrafted recipes to get you started with everything UX — user research, design, usability testing, and more.
Super fast web building tool written in Rust.
rust farm building tool builder build
FusionAuth is complete auth for any app.
authentication auth
The open source visual AI programming environment.
ai programming visual open source
Plotteus is an open-source JavaScript data visualization library designed to help you tell better stories.
open source visualization javascript stories
A collection of more than 500 CSS-only loading animations using a single element.
loader css animation loading
A curated list of awesome things related to Bun.
bun awesome list
A new AI tools platform that collected more than 500 AI tools.
ai tools
A website with over 150,000 open source vector icons from all popular icon sets.
icon open source vector
An opinionated toast component for React.
react toast notification
An experimental autonomous agent that uses the GPT-4 language model to generate and compose React components.
chatgpt react agent components
A responsive, highly customizable and accessible replacement for Java Scripts popup boxes.
javascript library popup
Build exceptional React apps with blazing speed.
Bite-sized hints and cheat sheets about UX Product Design. Stay on top of your design process with the bite-sized hints and cheat sheets about UX Product Design.
cheatsheet ux design
A tool to help you analyze and optimize your Vue.js component code.
vue vuejs analyze optimize components
JSON Generator is a text-based, language-independent tool that offers an innovative and intuitive approach to crafting precise JSON data structures, including generating random JSON data. With JSON Generator, users can create templates that act as blueprints for the data they wish to produce. These templates offer a structured way to define the shape, type, and intricacies of the desired JSON output. Whether you're a developer looking to mock API responses, a tester in need of diverse mock data payloads, or an educator creating illustrative examples, JSON Generator is tailored to meet those needs. Experience the power of flexible data modifications and experience-based interoperability.
json generators yaml tools
Free, easy-to-use backgrounds for your designs, wallpapers, and presentations.
free image background wallpaper